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Re: import doesn't create directories in the repository for empty

From: Galen Seitz
Subject: Re: import doesn't create directories in the repository for empty
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 21:08:09 -0800

Larry Jones <lawrence.jones@ugsplm.com> wrote:

> Galen Seitz writes:
> > 
> > I followed the instructions in Cederqvist section 3.1.3, "Creating a 
> > directory tree from scratch", but cvs apparently does not create
> > directories for empty subdirs.
> Correct -- CVS manages files, not directories.

Would you entertain a patch to remove or replace the following section
of the manual?  It is clearly wrong as written.


@node From scratch
@subsection Creating a directory tree from scratch

@c Also/instead should be documenting
@c $ cvs co -l .
@c $ mkdir tc
@c $ cvs add tc
@c $ cd tc
@c $ mkdir man
@c $ cvs add man
@c etc.
@c Using import to create the directories only is
@c probably a somewhat confusing concept.
For a new project, the easiest thing to do is probably
to create an empty directory structure, like this:

$ mkdir tc
$ mkdir tc/man
$ mkdir tc/testing
@end example

After that, you use the @code{import} command to create
the corresponding (empty) directory structure inside
the repository:

$ cd tc
$ cvs import -m "Created directory structure" yoyodyne/@var{dir} yoyo start
@end example

Then, use @code{add} to add files (and new directories)
as they appear.

Check that the permissions @sc{cvs} sets on the
directories inside @code{$CVSROOT} are reasonable.

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