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Re: Problem with cp (copy)

From: David T-G
Subject: Re: Problem with cp (copy)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 21:21:32 -0500
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Phillip --

...and then Mr. Phillip Kimble said...
% Greetings,


% I recently stumbled across a strange problem using cp which I do not
% understand. Here is the scenario;
% Cp -far /home/ftp/tmp/2001/01.*.01/* /home/user/admin/tmp/
% All worked well for 01, 02, 03, 04, (Jan, Feb, Mar, & Apr). Once I
% entered 05.*.01, I received the error, "Argument list is too long".

What do you get when you run

  ls -1 /home/ftp/tmp/2002/01.01.01/* | wc -l
  ls -1 /home/ftp/tmp/2002/01.02.01/* | wc -l
  ls -1 /home/ftp/tmp/2002/01.03.01/* | wc -l
  ls -1 /home/ftp/tmp/2002/01.04.01/* | wc -l
  ls -1 /home/ftp/tmp/2002/01.05.01/* | wc -l

at your shell prompt?  I suspect that there are lots of files in .05 but
not so many files in .01 - .04 dirs.


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