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Re: [PATCH, resend] Handle multibyte codepoint width properly

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [PATCH, resend] Handle multibyte codepoint width properly
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2012 23:16:26 +0200
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Hi Vladimir,

> it is best to split the test into two parts: a part
> > that can be executed on every machine, and a part which can only be executed
> > on a system with a UTF-8 locale. This way, the first part is not skipped
> > just because the system has no UTF-8 locale.
> Ok, will do. Can I include all the "normal" test in UTF-8 test for
> simplicity?

Yes, if the common parts between the "normal" test and the new test for
UTF-8 locales are fairly large, so that you want to avoid code duplication,
then the trick is to move the common parts to a .h file that gets #included
by the two test-*.c files.

Take a look at, for example, test-log.h, test-log.c, test-logl.c.


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