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Hard Drive Error

From: Zach Paine
Subject: Hard Drive Error
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 11:25:22 -0400

I'm having some trouble with GRUB. I recently bought a 60gb 7200rpm Maxtor drive to replace my aging 8gb one. I copied the filesystem over but am having trouble getting GRUB to boot off of the new drive. The fs looks like this:

/dev/hdb1  /boot
/dev/hdb2 swap
/dev/hdb3 /home/mp3
/dev/hdb4 /

I copied /boot/grub from my old disk to the new one and ran grub, and issued these commands:


When I turn off the computer disconnect the old drive and try to boot (with the new drive still set as slave on the first channel) I get this message:

GRUB Hard Drive Error.

Can anyone offer any assistance?


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