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Geom Error, but only after a "wake on lan"

From: Paul Bolle
Subject: Geom Error, but only after a "wake on lan"
Date: 29 Oct 2003 00:28:42 +0100

When I try to boot my PC using wake on lan, power will be switched on
but booting fails with an "Grub Geom Error". Booting after a normal
(manual) "power on" works just fine.

Could this have anything to do with GRUB or is it more likely that I
should tweak my BIOS, or reparation my driver or whatever?

Please note that /boot/grub/stage1, /boot/grub/stage2 etc. are placed on
a separate boot partition (that partition being /dev/hda4 a.k.a. hd0,3).

Paul Bolle

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