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Re: oskit-mach: net access causes crash

From: Igor Khavkine
Subject: Re: oskit-mach: net access causes crash
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 21:02:40 -0400
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On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 01:58:29AM +0200, Daniel Wagner wrote:
> Hi
> I have some trouble with oskit-mach. It crashes immediately when the net 
> device is accessed. Unfortunalely I can't debug it till the end, because 
> I get invalids results over the serial line. What I can say is, that 
> ds_net_get_status is called exactly twice before it crashes. What 
> should I try to collect more information about these bug. BTW the 
> pingreply example kernel from oskit-20000202 works fine with my Realtek 
> 8029 ethernet card.
> wagi

> Breakpoint 1, ds_net_get_status (dev=0x409004c, flavor=7208962, 
> status=0x4130034, status_count=0x59f2e78)
>     at ../../oskit-mach/oskit/ds_net.c:18
[ ...snip... ]
> 38              oskit_etherdev_getaddr (eth, (void *) status);
> (gdb) 
> Reply contains invalid hex digit 79

Ok, I remember that I ran into the same problem previously. You are
compiling agains oskit headers from the debian package (newer) but
you're linking agains oskit-20000202 (older). This is a big no-no.

They changed the oskit_etherdev binary interface, now there is a
`rxpoll' element in the oskit_etherdev_t structure just before
`getaddr', that's why `getaddr' was being assigned 0 by default (hence
the jump to %eip 0). As for the screwup with GDB, it might hav something
do with the kernel going into `kernel_trap()' which is an interrupt
handler. And funky things can happen if you mix GDB with interrupt handlers.
However there still might be something wrong because usually you should
fall on your breakpoint in `panic()'.

So the solution is, unistall your debian oskit package to make sure
that its headers are not being used, and check your include path when
compiling oskit-mach.


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