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Re: gnumach and strpbrk

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: gnumach and strpbrk
Date: 19 Sep 2001 18:05:47 -0700
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nissnnnne@lysator.liu.se (Niels M├Âller) writes:

> Except for strtok... That strtok is used at all in the linux kernel is
> a bug. This was discussed by tytso and some other kernel people over
> lunch at the Erlangen Linux-Kongress some months ago, and the
> conclusion was that the broken strtok interface would actually cause
> real problems in some cases. IIRC correctly, strtok is used primarily
> for parsing arguments when modules are initialized (at boot time or
> module load time), and it will break if you have an SMP system and
> load several modules at about the same time.

You've missed the point.

Whether the kernel should use strtok or not is entirely separate from
which implementation it should use if it is going to use it.

It should always use the libc version of all such functions.


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