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Re: HHG and newbie Hurd Hackers

From: Barry deFreese
Subject: Re: HHG and newbie Hurd Hackers
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 20:50:40 -0400
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R. Steven Rainwater wrote:
On Thu, 2007-09-20 at 10:59, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
On Tue, Sep 18, 2007 at 05:28:00PM -0500, R. Steven Rainwater wrote:
"How to become a Hurd Hacker" tutorial
OK, no problem with starting such a thing.  There just has to be
someone to do it :-).  And, good news: parts of it already exist.

Some examples:
  * <http://www.bddebian.com/~wiki/hurd/contributing/>.
  * <http://www.bddebian.com/~wiki/microkernel/mach/gnumach/building/> --
    fairly complete and up-to-date.
  * <http://www.bddebian.com/~wiki/microkernel/mach/mig/building/> --
  * <http://www.bddebian.com/~wiki/hurd/building/> -- incomplete.
  * <http://www.bddebian.com/~wiki/hurd/debugging/> -- evolving.  For
    example, just yesterday I added

I'm working my way through all this information now and will provide a
link to a draft of my tutorial document when I'm done. Before I can get
there though, I need to be able to do it myself. So far I've
successfully installed a Debian GNU/Hurd K14, I've updated the system to
the latest "unstable" code as per the debian-hurd mailing list
instructions. I've used apt-get to install all the development tools.

I hit my first problem with gnumach, following the instructions at the
gnumach/building page listed above. I was able to download the source
from CVS and build it on my GNU/Hurd box. Then I moved the new
gnumach.gz file over to the boot directory, updated the grub menu.lst
file and rebooted. Gnumach itself seemed to boot fine. I started seeing
the usual boot up messages from Hurd, then, just before the login prompt
should appear, the system rebooted.

So, my question is, does this indicate something went wrong with my
gnumach build (perhaps a missing step in the build instructions)? Or, do
I need to also build the Hurd from CVS source at the same time - in
other words, will a gnumach built from cvs work only with Hurd build
from cvs source, or will it work with the Debian binary Hurd as well?
Hopefully I'm asking that in a way that makes sense.


1. I am assuming you are building the gnumach-1 branch?
2. It "should" work though I am not sure if all of the TLS enabled stuff is patched in the CVS source or Debian only. I think it's in but I haven't been keeping up lately :-(


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