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Re: Darwin status (Modifié par Akim Demaill e)

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Darwin status (Modifié par Akim Demaill e)
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2004 15:31:33 +0100

Le 4 déc. 04, à 15:13, Peter O'Gorman a écrit :

Akim Demaille wrote:

for some reason en::hw() is not defined.

The archive contains 3 identically named files (hw.o) and support for this is currently broken on darwin.

OK, good to know, thanks.  When do you think a fix could
be installed?  Just so that I know if I can afford waiting.

It is broken, I am looking into it. I do have to go and work for a living sometimes too, this limits the time I can spend on your bug reports :)

I understand!  Sorry if my tone was inappropriate.

This tarball is meant to be as simple as possible: there are only
three functions is there.  Yet it does not work properly.  To boostrap
run autoreconf -fvi.

Use different file names, e.g. hw_en.cc hw_en_us.cc and hw_fr.cc and it should work. I'll try and come up with a fix in the near future.

I guessed so, but this tarball is a tiny version of something
much bigger where I can't (unless critical) do that.

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