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Re: finish mode needed for plugins?

From: Stefan Kost
Subject: Re: finish mode needed for plugins?
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 19:41:16 +0300
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Bob Friesenhahn schrieb:
> On Wed, 22 Oct 2008, Stefan Kost wrote:
>> All of those are unix environments. According to the man pages all
>> ldconfig does is only needed for versioned libraries. Imho it really can
>> be skipped for libraries built using "-module".
> It is best to take baby steps with something like this.
Totaly fine with that. What steps are you proposing.

>   It may be that in some situations modules are found via an OS
> mechanism rather than loaded via an explicit path.  Some OS's may
> refuse to load a module unless it has been told about it in advance
> (e.g. for security reasons).  Without the ldconfig the OS mechanism
> may fail.
Are you thinking, that someone replaced ldconfig by some advanced
ldconfig++ and loading via explicit path would fail unless the advanced
ldconfig++ has fixed up something? Any concrete example?
>   Man pages are pretty useless in a situation like this.
That was a start of doing some research.

>From the developers point of view, I nstall modules into a specific
directory and use the autotools to pass the configured directory to my
code so that I can later load it from there. I am not aware of any post
installation activities needed for linux, solaris and win32 here. I am
fine if we just enable this for those platforms for the time beeing. If
other platforms are interested, they can do the research there and
decide. I cannot possible figure out this fro all platforms. Still it
would be nice to get the feature.

I'd like to know about any possible or theoretical cases where this
could cause issues.


> Bob
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