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libtool-2.4, cygwin: Odd failures

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: libtool-2.4, cygwin: Odd failures
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 19:18:45 -0400
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I was attempting to create the next cygwin libtool release (based on
2.4, with a few additional patches not yet merged), and ran in to a
number of failures.

So, I tried running the testsuite again, this time from the plain,
out-of-the-box libtool-2.4 source, and got the same errors.

In the new testsuite:

Standalone Libltdl.
 86: compiling copied libltdl          FAILED (standalone.at:49)
 87: installable libltdl               FAILED (standalone.at:66)
 88: linking libltdl without autotools FAILED (standalone.at:83)

Subproject Libltdl.
 92: linking libltdl without autotools FAILED (subproject.at:113)

108: --with-ltdl-include/lib           FAILED (configure-iface.at:178)

In each case, the issue was (similar to) the following:

../../libtool-2.4/tests/standalone.at:49: : ${CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/sh};
export CONFIG_SHELL;         $CONFIG_SHELL ./configure $configure_options
configure: error: newly created file is older than distributed files!
Check your system clock

Now, AFAIK there is nothing wrong with my system clock; I was able to
get 100% test success on the same machine, just a while back at
254f5280e (Sep 16).

Also, if I re-run the failing tests without changing anything else,
86-88 will pass, but 92,108 won't.  Rerunning 92,108 a *third* time
allows them to pass.  After that, all five "failing" tests will continue
to pass.

This smells to me like somewhere the dependency order got screwed up, so
that after several re-build attempts, finally the configure scripts are
stable, and will "match" without triggering the error above.

I'll submit the build logs for the "pristine" 2.4 case on cygwin, with
the five failures, in a little while.


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