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Automatic Accidentals ignore unmetered music

From: Peter Leschev
Subject: Automatic Accidentals ignore unmetered music
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 19:34:07 +1100


            Firstly, thankyou for writing such a great piece of software, the 
quality of the output is incredible!

    I'm currently typesetting vocal music which doesn't have time sigatures, 
but bar lines are present at various stages of the pieces. I've noticed (only 
tested in 2.4.2) that the Automatic Accidentals functionality treats unmetered 
music as one large bar rather than a number of individual bars separated by 
\bar "|"'s. The documentation is unclear on the expected behaviour, however it 
would be great if the Automatic Accidentals followed the manually inserted \bar 
"|"'s as well. I've attached a testcase below.


\version "2.4.2"

\new Staff {
 \relative c'' {
  %Automatic Accidentals ignore unmetered music
  %Automatic Accidentals consider unmetered music
  %(eg if Score.timing = false or \cadenzaOn) as one big bar, 
  %rather than considering the manual bar lines entered by the user
  %(eg \bar "|"). This testcase shows the differences in behaviour.
  %Having \cadenzaOn commented out, shows the correct default
  %behaviour of the Automatic Accidentals. By uncommenting the
  %line below, shows that the Automatic Accidentals consider the 
  %4 bars below as one big bar
  bes bes bes bes
  \bar "|"
  bes bes bes bes
  \bar "|"
  bes bes bes bes
  \bar "|"
  bes bes bes bes

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