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Re: "repeat" slashes and the nature of lilypond

From: wintryblue
Subject: Re: "repeat" slashes and the nature of lilypond
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 15:31:02 -0500

> OK. How is this different from
>   \lyricmode { \markup { C \majSymbol \super { 7 9 } }
> except for the \lyricmode and \markup ?

(For starters, wouldn't you have to specify another font, since chords
and lyrics fonts are different?)

Well, I guess the point I was trying to make was that the chord system
itself in Lilypond should not be tied to notes (except possibly the
root, for the translation of notenames), and that the default symbols
sets should be more flexible (none of the Ignatzek or alternative

How is it any different? Well, if my proposed system were the default,
when in chords mode the typesetter would not be held hostage to a
certain set of chords deemed to be "correct" by the program itself. A
minor issue? Perhaps, but I find it difficult to use hacks to change
the defaults everytime.

Let me rephrase this. When you want certain chords in chords mode in
Lilypond, say C+5, or Cmaj7, etc. lilypond says "okay you get this
chord as the default. You can use hacks or lyrics mode to change it to
something you like, but this is the default." I think this is bad
aesthetics (?) - a notation program probably should not assert that
default, because there IS no default. The wrong way to solve this
problem is the current way of saying "use either Ignatzek or
alternative", not just because no one uses those systems, but because
no one thinks about chord systems that way. Everyone has their own
style of notating chords, and Lilypond should not assume that you want
one or the other. I understand that there is a certain level of
automation desired, so that you don't have to specify everything by
hand, but I don't believe these sorts of compromises are possible when
it comes to a field as chaotic as chord names.

Perhaps you will not agree, but it is my view that chords mode in
Lilypond should be, like the Finale font set I gave you above, merely
a set of symbols one stitches together.

I guess this gets to the heart of the problem of whether the notation
program should just be about graphics or be about music. Obviously
when you're talking about notes, you want the correct number of beats
per measure, and all that. It is simply my belief that chord symbols
should be treated as a graphical problem, and not a music problem.

Thank you.

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