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Re: Issue 1036 in lilypond: Links to accented anchors

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 1036 in lilypond: Links to accented anchors
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 00:06:07 +0000

Comment #2 on issue 1036 by paconet.org: Links to accented anchors

This info is a memo for a complete novice like me trying to figure out the origin of
the problem:

I am looking at out-website/web.es.xref-map and I think all three columns could be
correct for a given node such as Notation:

  Notación     Notation        Notation

[ the format is: node [TAB] filename [TAB] anchor, and the xref-map file is created
by scripts/build/extract_texi_filenames_py. ]

The problem is perhaps not the wrong field in any column of this line. 'Notation' is
in fact created as an anchor in notation.es.html along with Notaci_00f3n :

  <a name="Notaci_00f3n"></a>
  <a name="Notation"></a>

The problem IS that the link to this anchor in manuals.es.html is


and it could/should be #Notation instead. So, the appropriate column from the xref-map is not being taken to construct a proper link, that's why I think the
problem is not in the generation of this map.

I'm sorry but I need to think aloud and write it down here because lack of time.

At the French side, this gives an additional clue: the link/anchor to Text Input is:


[it should be ...texte instead]
which shows the same problem, BUT the accented é in 'Entrée' has been changed into an unaccented 'e'. Where is this accented character changed to an unaccented one? The
script responsible of this could be also truncating the string by 2 chars.

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