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Re: Possible bug, or I am doing something wrong?

From: Sami Amiris
Subject: Re: Possible bug, or I am doing something wrong?
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 07:26:52 +0000 (UTC)
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Mark Mathias <d8valily <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Colin,
> I just read through this, and I think it is over my head as far as creating
> issues as suggested by David. I'll pass on this one hoping someone more
> competent untangles the threads to create issues as needed.
> Mark

Normally I would just shut my mouth, as your answer itself is probably over my 
head (I don't even know what are the "issues as suggested by David", for 
example.) I can understand however that me, being a novice, has tangled the 
threads to such an extent that one cannot see the light. So, the least - and, 
unfortunately, most - I can do is to tell you my issue, and its solution.

My issue is to write in two voices (in the traditional sense) for the piano, 
for Right hand, one for left hand. These voices span the whole piano, so one 
nice way to do it is to change the staves at mid C, something that is 
beautifully given to us by \autochange. On top of this, I am writting a scale 
and arpeggio exercises collection, so I would have to do it many, many times 
over. That is why I would like to avoid doing it by hand, and as I said, thank 
God for autochange. 

Now, I couldn't find a combination of commands to actually do it. The ascending 
scales worked like a charm, but the descending ones failed. Actually, if the 
R.H. was anywhere above \relative C'', things failed miserably. I tried to 
follow the manual closely, by the piano examples with autochange didn't help me.

After reading through many valuable suggestions, I reached a solution that 
fine, and it is here:


If one uses the commands in this sequence, one can write scales, arps, whatever 
for two hands that change staves automatically as needed, and stay on separate 

I hope this helps a bit.

P.S. If I want a different time signature, with its associated automatic beam 
behavior, the \time command must exist in both staves, but the \set 
Timing.beatStructure = #'(whatever) needs to be on the empty bass clef staff 

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