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Re: docs: #' no longer needed with \tag, \removeWithTag, \keepWithTag

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: docs: #' no longer needed with \tag, \removeWithTag, \keepWithTag
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 16:36:17 +0100
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Paul Morris <address@hidden> writes:

> In 2.17 you no longer need to use #' with \tag, \removeWithTag, or
> \keepWithTag.  This is a helpful simplification but it is not yet
> reflected in the docs.[1] For example:
>   \tag #'aa  % old way
>   \tag aa     % new way
> Dotted lists work too:
> Instead of:
>   \removeWithTag #'aa 
>   \removeWithTag #'bb
>   \removeWithTag #'cc
>   \tag #'aa \tag #'bb \tag #'cc { g1 }
> or:
>   \removeWithTag #'(aa bb cc)
>   \tag #'(aa bb cc) { g1 }
> you can now just do this:
>   \removeWithTag aa.bb.cc
>   \tag aa.bb.cc { g1 }
> I think it's also worth adding \tag to this list on the changes page[2]:
>   Several commands now accept symbol lists (conveniently entered as 
> dot-separated 
>   words) for various kinds of arguments. These include ‘\accidentalStyle’, 
>   ‘\alterBroken’, ‘\footnote’, ‘\hide’, ‘\omit’, ‘\overrideProperty’, 
> ‘\shape’, 
>   and ‘\tweak’.

One reason that has not been done is that the names of context and grob
properties are under our control.

Tags are under user control.

You can write

\tag #'violin1

but you cannot write

\tag violin1

since "violin1" does not obey the syntax for what LilyPond considers a

David Kastrup

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