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Re: docs: #' no longer needed with \tag, \removeWithTag, \keepWithTag

From: James
Subject: Re: docs: #' no longer needed with \tag, \removeWithTag, \keepWithTag
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 07:43:34 +0000
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On 20/12/13 16:49, Paul Morris wrote:
David Kastrup wrote
One reason that has not been done is that the names of context and grob
properties are under our control.

Tags are under user control.

You can write

\tag #'violin1

but you cannot write

\tag violin1

since "violin1" does not obey the syntax for what LilyPond considers a
Ok, I see.  That makes sense.  Thanks for explaining.

If you're only using one or two tags here or there it doesn't make a big
difference.  However, I was just creating some piano music with fingerings
on almost every other note, and tagging each fingering so that I could also
render the music without them.  I found it to be a lot easier to type and
read without the #' when I was entering that many tags.  So I was really
glad that I stumbled upon this new possibility.

FWIW, I do think it would be nice to somehow let users know about this new
syntax, as an option, with a disclaimer about not using numbers, etc.  But
I'm not sure what's the best way to do that.  Maybe it's better to just keep
it as it is for now, especially with 2.18 right around the corner and other
things taking priority.  I'm happy to leave it in the capable hands of the
dev team.


On 20/12/13 16:53, David Kastrup wrote:
Paul Morris <address@hidden> writes:

(Just curious... Is the idea to eventually make \tag violin1 work, and then
update the docs at that point?)
No.  cis1 must remain split into cis and 1, and the look for notenames
is done once a word has been recognized.

Well we could add an @knownissue or @warning - whatever is appropriate. @warning puts a box around the text which may not be appropriate but I am not sure that the word 'issue' in @knownissue has any implications for the user (i.e. it is a problem to be 'fixed').

Anyway, it is useful I think to mention this somehow in the documenation, but apart from numerals what other characters would break LP's syntax in this specific regard?


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