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Re: docs: #' no longer needed with \tag, \removeWithTag, \keepWithTag

From: James
Subject: Re: docs: #' no longer needed with \tag, \removeWithTag, \keepWithTag
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 13:01:10 +0000
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On 26/12/13 10:29, David Kastrup wrote:
James <address@hidden> writes:

On 26/12/13 07:51, David Kastrup wrote:
James <address@hidden> writes:

Anyway, it is useful I think to mention this somehow in the
documenation, but apart from numerals what other characters would
break LP's syntax in this specific regard?
Words are formed by letters and non-ASCII characters, with single
hyphens or underlines allowed inside.

So -wer--g-i-e--l-
splits into - wer -- g-i-e -- l -

Anything outside of the basic ASCII range behaves like a letter.

So if I have this right (sorry to be so dull about this) you said:

\tag #'violin1

but you cannot write

\tag violin1

So could you write

\tag violin-one


\tag violin£
On my first computer, a veritable Nascom II, I had £ instead of # as
character 35 if I remember correctly.  But you are right: in this time
and day, it should work.


\tag violin"

which as far as I can tell, are non-ASCII characters.
Yes, all of those should work as labels (or, following \, as the name
part of, uh, a control sequence?).  As would violin-I, violin①, violin②
and a few others.

Thanks, so looking at


I wonder if we should now modify the example to use the 'new and improved' method of denoting the tag names as well as including the exceptions.


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