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language issues with Mac OS X Sierra 10.12

From: George M Barilla
Subject: language issues with Mac OS X Sierra 10.12
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2016 16:02:16 -0700

I upgraded my Mac from 10.11 (El Capitan) to 10.12 (Sierra).  

In my System Preferences, Language & Region settings I have multiple “Preferred 
languages” entered with the primary (first in the list) English (U.S.).

All LilyPond menus are in English but when I “Typeset file" the default file 
shipped with LilyPond (scale c…c) the processing window displays in the first 
non-English language in my list (in my case, Spanish - it skips any other 
versions of English I might have installed like Canada shown above).

  title = "A scale in LilyPond"

\relative {
  c d e f g a b c

\version "2.18.2"  % necessary for upgrading to future LilyPond versions.

 Procesando «/Users/georgebarilla/Downloads/Untitled.ly»
Interpretando la música...
Preprocesando los objetos gráficos...
Buscando el número de páginas ideal...
Disponiendo la música en una página...
Dibujando los sistemas...
Salida de la página hacia «Untitled.ps»...
Convirtiendo en «./Untitled.pdf»...
Enhorabuena. La compilación se ha completado satisfactoriamente.

If I remove all languages from the Language & Region list but the primary, all 
is in English.

Note:  I also use GIMP, another GNU based program, and there everything 
displays in the first non-English language when preferences are set to the 
default “System Language.”  In GIMP I have the option of selecting English via 
their local preferences, and then get English for all menus, etc.  I found a 
number of blog posts on this issue with GIMP and MacOS Sierra but nothing about 

I spent considerable time with Apple Support discussing this issue and they 
will investigate from their end but imply it may be a GNU issue as both 
LilyPond and GIMP are GNU based.


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