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Re: Strange FAT32 resize problem

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: Strange FAT32 resize problem
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 11:39:24 +1100
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On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 09:25:57AM -0600, Dimitri Butvinik wrote:
> This is WinXP Pro so SYS doesn't apply.


> I did try FIXBOOT from WinXP
> recovery console and it fixes it right away. Note: FIXMBR doesn't fix
> it, FIXBOOT does. Points out that issue is in boot sector not MBR.


> Seems like a bug in resizing formula used to construct boot sector
> parameters. I'm trying to learn boot sector structure and also compare
> working and non working boot sector. So far I didn't find anything
> terribly wrong.


Anyway, can you please do this:

(1) resize with parted (break the file system!)

(2) save the first 4k:
        dd if=/dev/PARTITION of=broken.img bs=4k count=1

(3) fixboot

(4) save the first 4k again:

        dd if=/dev/PARTITION of=fixed.img bs=4k count=1

(5) send the two images to me


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