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Re: Partitiontable deleted with parted -> Solved!

From: Herbert Wengatz
Subject: Re: Partitiontable deleted with parted -> Solved!
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 00:55:11 +0200
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Am Sonntag, 16. Mai 2004 23:11 schrieb Szakacsits Szabolcs / On Sonntag, 16. 
Mai 2004 23:11 wrote Szakacsits Szabolcs:
> On Sun, 16 May 2004, Herbert Wengatz wrote:
> > I also don't know the partition sizes exactly, since I didn't do the
> > original setup.
> Google for gpart and/or testdisk.

You made my day! Thank you , very, very, very much! - I owe you at least a beer!
The same goes for Jeroen Dekkers <address@hidden>

I could use gpart, which is included on the same CD that broke my installation. 

Now I can boot again and evrything is fine!

Thank you very much!!!!

>       Szaka

Best regards,


Herbert Wengatz, Munich, Germany                   http://www.wengatz.de/herbert
address@hidden, RBL: http://www.wengatz.de/herbert/mail/blacklist.html
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