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reiser and stuff...

From: B.Hakvoort
Subject: reiser and stuff...
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 15:05:49 +0200

Hey people,

When reading the thread about ReiserFS support the part that disturbs me
most is the fact we now have 2 (almost identical?) reiserfslibs out
there.. (progsreiserfs and reiserfsprogs)

I've enabled reiserfs-support in gparted (it's still in CVS) and already
people start asking me why they have to install another reiserfs libary
to use reiserfs in gparted/libparted. Most of them already have
reiserfsprogs (the official one) installed and dislike the idea of
having another lib (which basicly does the same) on their system.

So 2 questions remain:
1. Why did Yury create this libary in the first place?
2. Why the choice to use progsreiserfs instead of reiserfsprogs in

Absolutely no offence intended, i've run some tests with Yury's
progsreiserfs and afaics it works perfectly, but i just hate the
confusion this situation causes (not to mention all this stupid
bugreports i'm gonna get about this stuff =)  )

Is progsreiserfs used by ay other program then libparted? If not, maybe
it's a idea to include it in the libpartedpackage. That way endusers
don't have to care about it.

Now we're on the subject, Yury, any chance you will add support for
reiser4 to the libary?

kind regards,


PS. Andrew, see, i ain't dead, just very busy :^)

www.titanium-it.nl --- Open Minded Open Source
www.heavenisopen.com <-----Another Source

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