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Re: parted NAME <part> <name> Vs mkdosfs -n <name>

From: John Galloway
Subject: Re: parted NAME <part> <name> Vs mkdosfs -n <name>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 14:51:45 -0700

On Jun 9, 2006, at 9:32 AM, address@hidden wrote:

Hello John,

  I'm having trouble understanding you... some questions:
Not surprising as I have some of this wrong! oops.

Let me just rephrase.  I can use mkdosfs -n myvolume /dev/sdd1
to put myvolume as the label for the dos filesystem on partition 1
of /dev/sdd.  Its not a partition label, its a volume label and HAL
sees this and uses it for both volume.label and volume.policy.desired_mountpoint .
I would like to do the same thing with parted.

If I do
parted -s /dev/sdd mklabel msdos mkpartfs primary fat32 0mb -1s name 1 myvolume

I get an error back (I missed this before) saying correctly that msods disk
labels (partition tables) do not support names.  So what I want is an
option to the mkpartfs and mkfs commands to include a name that
is written to the same place as mkdosfs does with the -n option. i.e. writing the (up to 11 char string) to the filesytsem not the partition table. Maybe
an optional string after then START END?

So its a feature request not a bug.   sorry for the confusion.

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