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Re: pdfeTeX error when compiling lilypond.texi with accents in node name

From: Oleg Katsitadze
Subject: Re: pdfeTeX error when compiling lilypond.texi with accents in node names
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 14:36:10 +0300
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On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 06:11:44PM -0500, Karl Berry wrote:
> Oleg, can you see if you can make UTF-8 work in node names per John's
> sample document?

I might be missing something, but I understand that the sample
document _does_ work (and it works on my system).  What does _not_
work is the actual manual.  I'll try to see what's wrong with the
manual, but unfortunately Lilypond's build system seems very complex
and will take much time for me to just setup.  John, maybe you can
send me the actual offending .texi file (with all files it depends
on), if that is possible, so that I could start from there?  Hopefully
this will speed up things.

>     Besides this, accents disappear in PDF index side pane; is it possible
>     to keep them?
> That's a much harder problem.  I was under the impression that system
> fonts are used in the bookmark panel, in some unknown encoding.  Or is
> it always UTF-8 these days?  Do you know?

AFAIK, the text of bookmarks should be either in PDFDocEncoding (a
superset of Latin-1) or in Unicode.  I'm not sure that either of these
are practical to implement from within TeX, at least not in the
general case of the document encoding being anything besides Latin-1
or Unicode.


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