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texinfo-6.0.90 - terminal info problem

From: Norbert Preining
Subject: texinfo-6.0.90 - terminal info problem
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2015 09:34:20 +0900
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Hi Gavin, hi all,

ok, I have now 6.0.90 installed and running, and the first things
I realized that info seems to be completely broken.

Starting info gives me the usual head followed by lots of white

--------------------- cut from screen -------------------
File: dir,      Node: Top,      This is the top of the INFO tree.

This is the Info main menu (aka directory node).
A few useful Info commands:

  'q' quits;
  '?' lists all Info commands;
  'h' starts the Info tutorial;
  'mTexinfo RET' visits the Texinfo manual, etc.

* Menu:



-----Info: (dir)Top, 592 lines --Top--------------------------------------------

Interestingly, moving the cursor down or pressing Ctrl-L changes
the layout, and the spacing is completely messed up:

------- cut from screen ----------------------
: (nano).                 Small and friendly text editor.


: (auctex).             A sophisticated TeX environment for Emacs.
-------------- end cut from screen --------------------

So it seems that something in the terminal setup is broken.



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