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Re: japi note

From: Stuart Ballard
Subject: Re: japi note
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 14:54:57 -0400
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Stuart Ballard wrote:
I've regenerated my jdk japi files using your patch and I'm regenerating the results pages now. I don't know if the JDK was somehow immune from the effects of the bug, but it can't hurt. Still planning to do a new release with the patch.

Interestingly it now seems like the classpath results don't include constant fields for many things that the JDK does. Perhaps the loading of FULLINFO picked up some more stuff in the JDK...

Anyway, this made the results go *down* somewhat (from 67.7 to 67.25). Research as to whether this is real or caused by some other japitools bug is much welcomed.


Stuart Ballard, Senior Web Developer
NetReach, Inc.
(215) 283-2300, ext. 126

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