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Re: japi note

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: japi note
Date: 30 Sep 2004 12:41:42 -0600
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>>>>> "Stuart" == Stuart Ballard <address@hidden> writes:

Stuart> For a (possibly) larger improvement, would you consider
Stuart> building GNU JAXP as part of classpath.japi.gz?

I put it on my to-do list.

I've heard on irc that the only way to get eclipse 3 working is to use
the apache javax.xml stuff (xalan I think).  I'm already building that
as part of rhug, maybe I should run the comparison using that.

Stuart> I'd like to see a similar thing done for Tritonus as well; I don't
Stuart> know whether Classpath will be officially recommending that for
Stuart> javax.sound but it seems to be the leading free implementation. Kaffe,
Stuart> which bundles it, scores 100% on javax.sound where Classpath scores 0%.

Yeah.  Can Tritonus be built with free tools?  I haven't tried that

Ideally jacorb or openorb would be included here too, but I'm pretty
sure those aren't yet buildable for various reasons.

Stuart> I don't know if the JDK was
Stuart> somehow immune from the effects of the bug, but it can't hurt.

I believe it affected the JDK results as well, though I don't have an


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