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Re: japi note

From: Stuart Ballard
Subject: Re: japi note
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 15:38:41 -0400
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Tom Tromey wrote:
I put it on my to-do list.

Cool. I released 0.9.4 with your bugfix and the constant-field fix, so you should be able to improve the score significantly (at least back up to 67.7) by using this version. Kaffe people take note also, your results will suffer unless you generate your japi files with the new version :)

I've heard on irc that the only way to get eclipse 3 working is to use
the apache javax.xml stuff (xalan I think).  I'm already building that
as part of rhug, maybe I should run the comparison using that.

Hmm. If the Classpath project officially recommends one source for javax.xml, it seems like it would be misrepresenting the project if we created a classpath.japi using something else. I'm not sure how official the recommendation of JAXP is. Mark?

Yeah.  Can Tritonus be built with free tools?  I haven't tried that

Dalibor, Kaffe builds Tritonus entirely with free tools, right?

Ideally jacorb or openorb would be included here too, but I'm pretty
sure those aren't yet buildable for various reasons.

Yeah, I'd love to see that huge red org.omg section disappear :)

I believe it affected the JDK results as well, though I don't have an

Yes, a quick zdiff confirmed that the jdk japis were definitely changed by the fix :)


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