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Re: error building classpath with gcj 3.3.5

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: error building classpath with gcj 3.3.5
Date: 24 May 2005 10:04:53 -0600
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Mark> Tom, does your "big merge" work depend on 4.0 things?
Mark> Do you want to get that in before 0.16 (end of next month)?

>> I would like to but it is unclear whether it will happen.  There is
>> still a lot of testing to do.

Mark> Do you mean this depends on 4.0 or that you would like to finish this
Mark> work before 0.16. Or both?

On the classpath side, the big merge changes very, very little.  It
adds a new command-line option to configure.

On the gcj side, this is going on the trunk.  So if it depends on
anything new it will be things in 4.1.

I meant I would like to put this in before 0.16.  But I misread that
as "end of this month", which might be hard.  (Though after reading
your comments I think it will go in sooner.)

>> One open question is what to do with various bug workarounds in the
>> gcj tree.  One plan is to fix the gcj bugs.  Another is to just have
>> "temporary" overrides in the gcj tree for this.

Mark> I am not sure I am following what kind of bug workarounds you are
Mark> talking about.

Primarily I'm talking about the private member access bug.  E.g., we
have this in our tree as a workaround:

        * external/sax/org/xml/sax/helpers/
        (EMPTY_ENUMERATION): Now package-private.


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