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Re: Using OSG for Classpath

From: Roman Kennke
Subject: Re: Using OSG for Classpath
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 17:19:12 +0100

Hi Peter,

> 1/ Could classpath be split up in multiple, independent projects? I.e.
>    every javax should have its own JAR.

It should not be too hard to create separate JARs for some packages, at
least for the javax packages this should be rather trivial. The
interdependecies of the core packages (java.*) is quite complicated and
I don't think they can be separated easily.

> 2/ Could you use the OSGi modularization headers for JAR files to
>    make these libraries deployable? These headers allow you to keep
>    implementation code protected from other JARs when running on an
>    OSGi system. These headers are ignored for other systems.
>    FYI, OSGi is used in Eclipse, Apache and in many commercial
>    projects. I would be more than willing to help to get these headers
>    in place.

Speaking for myself, I simply don't have the knowledge of OSGi to do
such thing. If you are willing to write such headers and contribute them
you are very welcome to post the necessary code to this list or
address@hidden Keep in mind that - for inclusion in the GNU
Classpath project - we need a copyright assignment to the FSF from you.

> 3/ Cross dependencies should be absolutely minimized. I noticed
>    java.nio was used in several implementation packages.

As I said, the interdependencies between the core packages are - at
places - quite complex and hardly avoidable. We do however try keep the
dependencies at a minimum. If you find a dependency from one package to
another which can/should be avoided, please file a bug report.

Thank you,
Roman Kennke

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