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RE: Greg Spencer's win32 extensions

From: Steven Knight
Subject: RE: Greg Spencer's win32 extensions
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 01:32:06 -0500 (CDT)

Hi Zachary--

> the patch which I posted does not change any of the current cons behavior.

Thanks for the patch.  I hope to integrate it sometime soon, as I think
supporting Win32 well is important.  Right now, I'm still pretty mired
in the signature configurability, though, so I don't have an ETA.  (The
last round of discussion turned up some interesting wrinkles...)

In addition to Rajesh's comments about documentation, I want to point
out (to the entire list, not just you) that the single thing I spend the
most time on when integrating someone's patch or feature is coming up
with new or modified cases for the test suite.  So if people want to do
as much as possible to see that a patch makes it in with a minimum of
fuss, providing the right test cases is one of the biggest ways to help
the process along.

I'm not picky about the actual format--it can just be a tar file
containing sample Construct and input files that demonstrate how a
feature is used.  I'll be happy to turn them into the script format used
by the test suite itself.  The time-consuming part, though, is thinking
through a patch/feature to concoct a test scenario that's thorough
enough to provide some degree of assurance that the feature you want to
rely on doesn't get broken in a future release...

If there are other things I can do to make it easier for people to
supply test cases, let me know.

Thanks again; keep the patches coming...


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