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From: Niklaus Giger
Subject: DejaGnu-tutorial
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 12:50:36 +0200

Dear Rob,

Thank you very much for all your efforts to keep DejaGnu alive.

Some time ago (Nov 2001) I submitted on the same mailing list a propopal for 
a short introduction into getting DejaGnu up and running. I never got a 
response from you whether you would accept such a tutorial and integrate it 
into the DejaGnu distribution.

Since then I received about 5 requests for sending pdf versions of the 
said tutorial, but didn't get any feedback.

Recently address@hidden came to me (by private mail) with some suggestions to 
improve my tutorial. He seems to have had a hard time to get DejaGnu running 
see As he wrote
> And here's a plain-text version of the little tutorial Niklaus wrote.
> It might be just the balm I need for my nuclear frustration.
> Wish it was in the Dejagnu doc already...
> I highly encourage you to keep up your efforts with that tutorial;
> without it, dejagnu is dead code for many potential users.
I am motivated to improve my tutorial, integrate dank's suggestion and make 
it up to date.

As I am on vacation for a couple of weeks I have some time to do the 
necessary homework. Also on my job we just started to build a automated test 
infrastructure. There DejaGnu is still our favorite tool and I hope to get it 
working quite soon and I may therefore afterwards also justify some 
professional time to improve on the documentation. (Unless we find a better 
tool, we had a quick look at qmtest. It has a graphical user-interface but is 
not so good a cross-testing which is our primary concern.)

Rob, could you please give me your point of view whether you want or not to 
integrate it into the DejaGnu-distribution or under what conditions.

A response would be highly appreciated.

Best regards
Niklaus Giger
Wieshoschet 6
CH-8753 Mollis
Tel. ++41 55 612 20 54 (privat)
Tel. ++41 55 618 64 68 (Geschäft)

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