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Getting remote_exec working via telnet or rsh

From: dank
Subject: Getting remote_exec working via telnet or rsh
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 10:28:54 -0700

I'm struggling with dejagnu.  With lots of help from Niklaus'
tutorial, and helpful replies from Daniel Jacobowitz, I've
gotten to the point where the gcc testsuite successfully
transfers the executable to the remote system.  A writeup
of what I'm doing is at
Unfortunately, it then tries to use rsh to execute it, and turning on
Red Hat's rsh server to allow unprivileged users remote execution
seems impossible.  

So... anyone know how to coax remote_execute
into using telnet?  /usr/share/dejagnu/telnet.exp doesn't seem
to have a telnet_exec method!
Alternately, anyone know how to set up an rsh server on Red Hat Linux
in a way that it actually accepts remote commands from unprivileged
remote users?  I'm not sure it's possible with their stock rsh server.

Also, it looks like wu-ftpd as shipped with Red Hat does a chroot
to ~ after login.  This messes with dejagnu, which expects to
be able to transfer files to the real /tmp.  Anyone know how
to defeat this?


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