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support for serial communication

From: Daniel Moore
Subject: support for serial communication
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 14:08:45 -0400

I cannot find a forum for dejagnu but my reading indicates that the expect version shiped with cygwin is there to support Dejagnu so I thought to send my question to the only place I could find to send one.
I'm trying to communicate over the serial port using expect and am unable at present. The "fconfigure" command errors out saying the -mode parameter is not supported. So the only expect examples I have of communicating serially will not work as they require fconfigure to support communication.
I found the kermit.exp file in the dejagnu distribution but can find no examples of its use. Is there an example of its use in any of the dejagnu documentation I can get from cygwin.
Also, if there is a forum where I can ask such questions please let me know. I need quick answers and I'm going nowhere.
Daniel Moore
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