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my setup

From: Rui Machado
Subject: my setup
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 16:47:20 +0200

Hi all,

I've started to explore dejagnu a few days ago but I'm having some troubles to understand some things.

I want to have something like this:

I have a tool which launches programs. These programs are my tests to some library or whatever I'm testing!
What I want is to put the set of programs in the testsuite directory and whenever I run make check, it executes all of them (using the mencioned launcher application) .
I've managed to setup something around Makefiles, like putting a Makefile in every testcase directory. But this makes me to always add the new directory to the file, changing the, etc. well, a lot of work that I would like to avoid. I would like something more DejaGnu :) , like just add the directory, the C program, the test script and that's it. Somehow there would be some config files who would look for the the testcases to test, compile and run them with the launcher.
Probably there's is something like this in c-torture of GCC or even in GDB. But they are so big and my knowledge on Tcl and Expect is still very new so I wonder if anyone could give some pointers on this.
As I said, I'm very new to Dejagnu! But I believe is the right tool for me and if I get something like I want, then I will save a lot of trouble and have a cleaner setup.

Thanks in advance.


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