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RE: Assistance Request

From: Dave Korn
Subject: RE: Assistance Request
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 16:05:18 -0000

On 12 February 2008 15:48, Joel Sherrill wrote:

>>  From the log I see this which would seem to indicate that I am
>> not getting any compiler flags passed in.

  BTW, although you've already fixed this: I wouldn't expect to see any of the
RUNTESTFLAGS you pass on the commandline ending up in the site.exp in any

> I am getting arguments through now.  I am on Fedora 8
> and the DejaGNU RPM doesn't seem to support ~/.dejagnurc.

  Ow, that's a bit "quirky and individualistic" :)

> I moved my .exp file to the /usr/share/dejagnu/baseboard and
> am using this to drive things:
> make check-gcc RUNTESTFLAGS="\
> \
> --target=powerpc-rtems4.9 \
> --target_board=rtems-powerpc-sim --all \
> "
> I am sure I won't be able to execute anything correctly yet
> because I haven't linked with an RTEMS startup file in
> the process.  But things are looking better now that I can
> see my settings having an impact.  I hope to post in a little
> while that I am running real executable running.

  Looks like it's progressing nicely.

> RTEMS has fixed size task stacks.  Any idea on how much
> stack space the test main's will take?

  Most of the tests in the gcc testsuite are pretty lightweight on stack
usage, but there are a few big ones.  I use this in my board.exp:

# We only have a small stack available to us
set_board_info gcc,stack_size 2048

to try and avoid running the excessive ones.

  I also have an old patch kicking around that adds a whole load of extra
"set_board_info no_XXXXX" options that are useful in small embedded systems
where you don't have a full runtime, stdio, signals, etc. etc.; it cuts out a
whole load of the noise from the list of FAILs.  Let me know if you'd like a

  One random other thing, I have this line in my board.exp:

# The simulator isn't really remote.
set_board_info isremote 0

  I think you'll need that as well.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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