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Re: Bug in format-time-string in emacs 21.1?

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Bug in format-time-string in emacs 21.1?
Date: 12 Mar 2002 22:56:44 +0000
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Paul Eggert <address@hidden> writes:

> > Alternatively, we could introduce more conditional blocks to
> > strftime.c to do something sensible
> That would be a pain to support reliably.  There are lots of little
> gotchas in this area.  It's simpler just to let the underlying
> strftime handle (or mishandle) locale-related stuff.

That was my initial impression after reading the code in
strftime.c.  But after experimenting with all the documented format
specifiers, it seems that "%h" is the only one that does not work with
the current code, so some effort has obviously already been made to
make the other specifiers that are not supported by the system
strftime function work.  In the case of "%h", it is documented as
doing the same as "%b", so we can fix that easily.

Jason Rumney

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