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Re: suggested new command `picture-mouse-set-point'

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: suggested new command `picture-mouse-set-point'
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:11:05 -0400

> > I don't understand: this problem is not specific to this
> > mouse-set-point-rigidly.  Normally it is solved in a generic way
> > by the window-manager by making sure that the click that changes
> > focus is not sent to the application.
> > Am I missing something ?
> If I have just one frame with two windows, clicking the mouse in "the
> other" window isn't a "focus change" event in the mind of the window
> manager. So emacs must handle that case sensibly.

Ah, I get it.
Indeed, in general it is harmless to left-click in a window,
so Emacs doesn't need to be careful to turn the click event
into a window-switch event only.  So we should indeed probably
be careful to preserve the harmlessness of left-clicking, unless
we decide to start doing what window-managers do and turn those
clicks into window-switch events, but users might be annoyed by it.


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