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Re: yet another todo editing system

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: yet another todo editing system
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 05:29:37 -0500

> Unlike Emacs Wiki or Hyperbole, Todo provides a highly structured text
> editing/viewing environment.  Everything you see is is a list or an
> "atom"; an atom is either a simple string or a link.  Unlike with these
> packages, in Todo links do not appear automatically. (At least not
> currently!)

I.e. forward links do not appear automatically; backwards links as
discussed in my eariler email to Kai do appear automatically.

I forgot to mention this "client list" business in my overview -- this
makes Todo different from all other hypertext systems that I know about
(though apparently it is not so unheard of since Kai had a special name
for it, "bidirectional links").  It is useful for browsing a body of
text consisting of e.g. definitions, theorems, and proofs & it makes the
Todo universe quite a bit different from the (primarily) "dendritic"
universe of the file system.  It might turn out to be useful for editing
code, since you could easily see which functions use the current
function -- though of course you can do that with plain ol' grep too.
But one of main the ideas of Todo is to make these kinds of connections
more transparent.


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