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Re: vc-svn.el donation - attn Stephan Monnier

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: vc-svn.el donation - attn Stephan Monnier
Date: 03 Jul 2003 12:41:28 -0500
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Jeff Bowman <address@hidden> writes:
> I am not a member of this mailing list. I posted a version of
> vc-svn.el I wrote to include Subversion support in emacs. My intention
> was to donate it to GNU. I am happy to sign any paperwork to assign
> copyrights, etc as needed. I was advised there was already a version
> of vc-svn.el in CVS and that I should contact Stephan Monnier about
> it, however I don't have his email address. If someone could put me in
> touch with him (so he doesn't think this is some spammer filling his
> inbox :) better yet if Mr. Monnier would contact me, I'd appreciate
> it. I was also advised I should post this to emacs-devel where
> maintainers hang out so they can evaluate the code for possible
> inclusion.
> I am including my version of vc-svn.el with this email, hopefully it
> will help in someway with the current vc-svn.el development. Also, I'm
> interested in helping in anyway with the development of this
> module. My company is shortly going to convert to using Subversion, so
> this module is important to me. Please let me know if there is
> anything further I can contribute.

Thanks for the contribution, Jeff.  This is now the third vc-svn.el
floating around in the world, as far as I'm aware:

   1) In the Subversion tree, we have tools/client-side/vc-svn.el.
      This one is by Jim Blandy, first posted in July 2002, now
      maintained by others.  (I guess you didn't know about this

   2) There's Stefan Monnier's lisp/vc-svn.el, in the FSF Emacs
      source tree.  This one started life as a fork of vc-cvs.el, but
      says "Sync'd with Subversion's vc-svn.el as of revision 5801",
      which means it's up-to-date w.r.t. the latest version of (1).

   3) There's your version, which I gather is an independent fork of
      vc-cvs.el and contains no DNA from (1) or (2) :-).

It would be nice to have one canonical edition of vc-svn.el, and for
that edition to live in the Emacs source tree.  I'm not the right
person to maintain it, as I don't use it, but Stefan might be.  If he
is actively maintaining the one currently in Emacs, and is sure that
the one in the Subversion tree has nothing that's not in his version,
then perhaps our task is as simple as:

   a) See if there's anything useful in your version that's missing
      from Stefan's, and port those changes over if so, and

   b) Remove the one in the Subversion tree, and point people at some
      public URL for the one in the Emacs tree.


-Karl, trying to avoid divergent vc-svn.el's take over the world

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