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Status of Unicode integration/support

From: Tom Emerson
Subject: Status of Unicode integration/support
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 11:50:09 -0400

Can someone summarize the status of the Unicode implementation in the
current CVS Emacs, especially as it relates to CJK and Arabic? What,
if anything, needs to be done to build a version with this support? Is
this documented somewhere? Is it on the mainline or on a branch? If on
a branch, how often is it synchronized with the work done on the

Currently I'm using Otfried Cheong's extensions to Mule-UCS under
20.7.2, which works well, but if there is "official" support now I'd
rather use that (I believe his code doesn't work under 21.x, for

Thanks, and apologies if this should have been posted somewhere else.


Tom Emerson                                          Basis Technology Corp.
Software Architect                                 http://www.basistech.com
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