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Patch to get Emacs to work on MacOS 10.3 (Panther)

From: Ted Lemon
Subject: Patch to get Emacs to work on MacOS 10.3 (Panther)
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 18:33:47 -0600

I get the feeling that this may come as a surprise to some other users of Emacs on Panther, but I have been unable to get it to come up as a Carbon app, although it runs find with -nw. Near as I can figure, for some reason the Carbon framework is having trouble finding the window resources in Emacs.app/Contents/Resources/Emacs.rsrc, even though ktrace shows it opening the file and reading it just before it dumps core.

It turns out that at least on MacOS X, there is no particular reason to use the Emacs.rsrc file in the first place, and I think this may be true of MacOS 8.5 and MacOS 9 as well. Instead of calling GetNewCWindow(), which takes a resource ID, one can just call CreateNewWindow(). With this, Emacs starts up just fine for me. I am not sufficiently familiar with MacOS classic issues to say that this patch should be applied as is, but I present it for your edification, since it solved my problem, and if it does make sense to include it, of course I would appreciate that.

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