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address@hidden: Re: compose key on SUN keyboard creates 2 characters (an

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: address@hidden: Re: compose key on SUN keyboard creates 2 characters (and beeps)]
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 06:46:37 -0500

Can somebody who knows these issues better than I do please think
about whether this is correct?

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Subject: Re: compose key on SUN keyboard creates 2 characters (and beeps)
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From: Klaus Zeitler <address@hidden>
Date: 08 Jan 2004 10:15:58 +0100
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>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:
    Richard> Could you tell me if this change is still needed?
    Richard> If it is, could you send a diff -c so I can be sure to
    Richard> make the change right?

yes, it's still needed. Here's a patch that works for Solaris.
Don't know about other OS.

Content-Type: text/x-patch
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Content-Description: patch for compose key handling in xterm.c

*** xterm.c     Thu Jan  8 09:31:58 2004
--- xterm.c.~1.823.~    Thu Jan  8 09:31:00 2004
*** 6305,6316 ****
-         /* Check if we're processing a composed key. In this case we need
-            3 key presses till the key is complete. */
-         if ((compose_status.chars_matched == 1) ||
-             (compose_status.chars_matched == 2))
-           goto OTHER;
            orig_keysym = keysym;
            if (numchars > 1)
--- 6305,6310 ----


as I said in my original post instead of these lines it also works if one
checks nbytes instead, i.e.
--- snip ---
          if (nbytes <= 0)
            goto OTHER;
--- snip ---
should also work.

Since you asked if this is still needed I'm guessing that the compose key
works for other operating systems, e.g. GNU/Linux. Is that so?


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