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Re: address@hidden: Re: compose key on SUN keyboard creates 2 characters

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Re: compose key on SUN keyboard creates 2 characters (and beeps)]
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 03:55:46 +0100

Can somebody who knows these issues better than I do please think
about whether this is correct?

I'm assuming these lines are to be added rather than subtracted since they
are not in xterm.c 1.823.

The internals of XComposeStatus is intended to be hidden, i.e. can
change at any time, so looking inside it might be unportable.  But a
check for > 0 (no need to limit ourselves to 1 or 2) can be done.  But
we should do break instead of goto OTHER.

Checking for nbytes <= 0 is not an option as we would then miss several
keys that returns 0 (function keys, the <menu> key, keypad keys ...).

        Jan D.

*** xterm.c     Thu Jan  8 09:31:58 2004
--- xterm.c.~1.823.~    Thu Jan  8 09:31:00 2004
*** 6305,6316 ****

-         /* Check if we're processing a composed key. In this case we need
-            3 key presses till the key is complete. */
-         if ((compose_status.chars_matched == 1) ||
-             (compose_status.chars_matched == 2))
-           goto OTHER;
            orig_keysym = keysym;

            if (numchars > 1)
--- 6305,6310 ----


as I said in my original post instead of these lines it also works if one
checks nbytes instead, i.e.
--- snip ---
          if (nbytes <= 0)
            goto OTHER;
--- snip ---
should also work.

Since you asked if this is still needed I'm guessing that the compose key
works for other operating systems, e.g. GNU/Linux. Is that so?


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