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Re: sendmail.el bug or expected behavior?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: sendmail.el bug or expected behavior?
Date: 26 Jan 2004 13:22:44 -0500
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> I see much discussion, but few solutions.

I see Ian's part of the discussion as just saying "we should always use
mail-interactive and set sendmail's arguments to queuing".  Sounds like
a good solution to me.

Your message seems to be about something else, but it also leads to the
need to run sendmail not-in-the-background, so it goes in the
same direction, i.e.: run sendmail in the foreground (telling it to queue
the message) and if there's an error analyse it and report it clearly to
the user (typically tellnig it that the delivery failed or that he should
use smtpmail.el).


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