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Re: sendmail.el bug or expected behavior?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: sendmail.el bug or expected behavior?
Date: 30 Jan 2004 09:46:46 -0500
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> Also, I'm not sure it's relevant (or even feasible with emacs current
> code), and I don't use any of these systems myself, but it seems like
> a lot of other MUAs just queue up the outgoing mail themselves and
> either send it via SMTP, either on-demand or in the background, and
> they treat messages that haven't made it out yet in much the same way
> that emacs treats unsaved buffers -- if you try to quit, they ask you
> about them.  For people who have a properly configured
> postfix/sendmail/exim/whatever queuing arrangement, this might not be
> interesting, but for others, perhaps.

It's not really relevant since this thread is about sendmail.el
(i.e. sending mail with an external MTA) whereas what you're suggesting is
to do the mail sending ourselves, which is what smtpmail.el does
(i.e. you're suggesting to add queue management to smtpmail.el).


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