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Re: porting GNU Emacs to kde (?)

From: Masatake YAMATO
Subject: Re: porting GNU Emacs to kde (?)
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 14:39:41 +0900 (JST)

> I was thinking of trying to port GNU Emacs to the KDE[1] environment
> in the near future. The main incentive for this decision, is my
> desire to start using kdevelop[2] as my IDE (which is impossible
> without Emacs ;-)). This is possible in KDE (and kdevelop in specific)
> through the KPart[3] interface. This roughly means that Emacs should
> become a shared object and export some functionality that implements a
> well defined Editor interface. This way, Emacs can be used throughout
> the KDE environment WHEREVER an editor is needed[4].

How about d-bus[1]?
I think it would be gnome<->kde neutral way.
Once emacs side d-bus interface is completed, you can do what
you want in elisp. I guess drag-and-drop support code added to
emacs recently is good place to start.

[1] http://dbus.freedesktop.org/

Masatake YAMATO

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