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Re: porting GNU Emacs to kde (?)

From: Giannis Georgalis
Subject: Re: porting GNU Emacs to kde (?)
Date: 30 Mar 2004 00:23:23 +0300
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Hi Jan,

"Jan D." <address@hidden> writes:

> No.  It was descided that the effort was not worth it.  If you look at
> the code you will see that the W32, Mac, Xt, GTK and X ports of
> Emacs are separate with different ifdefs.  Some common code does
> exist, but there is no general toolkit independent interface.
> Which is probably a good thing for GTK.  GTK is very unfriendly when
> it comes to integrate into existing applications, so making first
> a toolkit independent interface and then a GTK adaption to that
> interface
> would surely increased the amount of code by a factor of 3 or 4.

Ok, that's fine. (although it should be a nightmare maintainance-wise
&& too many ifdefs are evil).

Is there any documentation or other resources describing the Emacs
GUI API (or the source is my friend ? ;-)).

Now, provided that you have not commented on the general "text editor
interface api", should I assume that you agree with this approach ?
If you do, I can begin (during the easter holiday probably)
designing a first draft of the api... (I would appreciate a link to
the text editor GNOME CORBA interfaces).

Thank you,

 Object-oriented programming is an exceptionally bad 
idea which could only have originated in California.
    - Edsger Dijkstra (attributed)

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