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Re: deleting rcs keywords from emacs sources

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: deleting rcs keywords from emacs sources
Date: 23 Mar 2004 19:16:46 +0900

address@hidden writes:
> As I said, I am certainly open for alternatives

I'd say that it should usually be the same as any emacs bug report --
M-x emacs-version (if they're actively tracking CVS, they can easily
enough get the cvs revision with `cvs status').

> incidentally, does your remark mean that arch doesn't have version
> headers at all, Miles?

Nope, and won't -- they're a big ball of hair just using CVS, and they'd
be even more insane with arch.  [In the case of arch, of course, there's
a `version' for the source tree as a whole, which could be reported by
M-x emacs-version for development trees.]

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