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Re: Bind `q' to `quit-window' or similar in *Messages*

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: Bind `q' to `quit-window' or similar in *Messages*
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 19:01:27 +0100
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Tassilo Horn <address@hidden> writes:

> "Drew Adams" <address@hidden> writes:
> Hi Drew,
>> I don't see the point (need) for the proposed `m' binding in
>> `Messages'.
> The point is being able to quickly eval some code and have the result
> displayed nicely.  But thinking about it a bit more, it's not any better
> than
>   M-: (message "%s" (do-funky-stuff 17)) RET
> and if I want to do that many times, I'd probably do that in *scratch*
> anyway, so forget it.  I'm fine with you toggle idea. :-)

Hi Tassilo, i use that:

(defun tv-tail-echo-area-messages ()
    (pop-to-buffer (get-buffer-create "*Messages*") t)
    (sit-for 10)))

For most evaluation it's enough for a quick look, but if output is too
large, you will have to C-h e as usual.(idem if you want to kill/yank)
You don't need to wait 10s, when you hit key messages buffer go away.

> Bye,
> Tassilo

Thierry Volpiatto

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